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Vehicle Mods

IW Motorsports was created out of our Love and Passion for all things that go Vroom.
We take great pride in our ability to innovate and install aftermarket accessories into your vehicle.

We Go Above and Beyond when it comes to installations ensuring that even the most hidden parts of our install are done with the utmost care as if it were to be seen on the outside.

Holding a SAE Certificate of Mastery in Electrical Systems, Engine Performance, Brakes, Emission Control, Tires, Batteries, & Accessories Since 2010.

You Can Trust in us that your vehicle will receive the highest Quality installation.

Electrical Systems

Parking Sensors
Radar Detectors
Aftermarket Lighting
Light Bars
Head lights & Tail lights
Interior Accessories
Speaker Systems
We can install most electrical devices

Aftermarket Performance

Looking to Upgrade your exhaust system? We can install most aftermarket exhaust systems. Reach out to get started on improving your vehicles vocals.

Body Mods

From Body Kits to front splitter protection we can assist you in completing your vehicle modification project.
Body Kits
Splitter Scrape Guard
Spoilers & Wings
Carbon Fiber Bits

Interior Upgrade

Make Improvements to your interior
panels / dashboards
Steering wheels
electrical systems

Race Fitting

Outfit your vehicle for Show & Track use
Roll Cage
Weight Reduction (Tear Down)
Electrical rewiring
Carbon Fiber

Custom Fabrication

Oftentimes when installing aftermarket modifications we find ourselves in situations where the part just wont fit or needs a custom mounting bracket or tab.
With our in house expertise and the industries top fabricators we custom design, fit and modify aftermarket parts to achieve the Cleanest & Highest Quality Installation possible.