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Advertising Wraps

What are Advertising Wraps?

Using a thin Adhesive Vinyl Film
We can Create a Mobile Billboard seen Everywhere your Vehicles Operate. 

Advertising Wraps pay for themselves, Stand Out, Look Professional, Draw in Customers.

Advertising Wraps are a Smart, Cost Effective way to get Creative, Stand out, and Promote your Brand.


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Advertising Wrap Facts

For Every Business the Numbers need to Work. Here’s a few facts about how Wraps Might make Sense for your Business.

On Average Vehicle Wraps cost just 4 Cents for every 1000 Impressions

Vehicle Wraps Reach more Demographic in your Local Area.

Mobile Advertising Generates on average 2.5 Times more attention than a static billboards

RYP & Becker Group Found that Messages on Mobile billboards have a 97% recall rate


Why Wraps?

  • Added Paint Protection
  • Hold the Resale value by keeping your Factory Paint.
  • Color Change Exotic vehicles without the Extreme cost.
  • Avoid entire vehicle dismantling.
  •  Unique Colors that cannot be achieved with paint.
  • Short Term Color Changes.

What Will it Cost?

Every Project is Unique when it comes to Pricing.
Many factors will come into play when pricing your project. Some of the things we consider are your Current vehicles color,  Material Type, Vehicle Shape and Size and more.

We offer Discounts on Fleet Wraps

For Each job we recommend contacting a project manager to get started on pricing out a job.


Life Expectancy

Like all nice things in life, its all about how you maintain them.
In General You should expect to see 6-10 Years From your Wrap before the Material starts degrading from the elements and UV.